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We provide comprehensive consulting services Ropeway Sector. Our services include the following areas: marketing and strategy, master panning, feasibility study, technology benchmark, system planning and engineering, life cycle costs, economic analysis and financing model, e.g. for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) with special focus on cable car, funicular and Automated People Mover (APM).



  • Ropeway Need at Location

  • Ropeway Technology

  • Ropeway Integration

  • System Cost

  • System Utilization

  • System Acceptance

  • System Requirement

  • Site Characteristics


  • Master planning

  • Feasibility study

  • Market and technology evaluation/analysis

  • Project benchmark

  • Competitor study

  • Target cost and value benefit analysis

  • Life cycle cost estimate

  • Risk and expert assessment

  • Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis (RAMS)


  • Track alignment

  • System layout and integration

  • System visualization and animation

  • System operation simulation

  • Codes and standards evaluation

  • Passenger flow analysis

  • Ridership and transport capacity estimate

  • Investment and operation & maintenance cost estimate

  • Project profitability calculation (NPV)

  • Financing strategy (incl. PPP models)